Be conscious of what we eat to avoid Uric Gout Attack

I just recovered from Uric Gout attack, I woke up having difficulty walking. My left foot hurts so much, but I think I was still blessed and was able to walk and went to hospital on my own. 

After a labaratory blood test, my Uric level was found to be 9.1. The normal level was 3.0 – 7.0, it was way high. 

Now I’m okay, was able to walk with little to no pain at all. I just have to contend with a lot of medicines for 3 months, then have to be reevaluated after that. 

Now need to moderate or better avoid the following foods: Sardines, Mackarels, Tuna, Beans, Legumes, Internal organs, red meat, beef, pork. 

My Medicines for Uric and Hyphertension

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